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Confessions a tool junkie

When I'm in the quilt studio playing I want to be thinking about what I'm doing and doing it without fighting with the tools I'm using.

A great tool can be the gatekeeper to inspiration. At the end of of a tiring work day, there is nothing better than to step into a beautiful studio where all your pretty little tools are waiting for you to come play. I love my tools and I look long and hard for just the perfect ones.

On this page I hope to share only the very best ones that I have found so you too can enjoy them.


Tool Must-have #1 • Perfect Press Hot Ruler by Joan Hawley from Clover

For the first time a precision ironing tool is available that enables us to measure and set angles and press all at the same time.  And it is all done with one tool that does not retain heat from the iron so it is fast and easy to manipulate.  No waiting and no burned fingers.  Great product.

Love the way it grips and stabilizes the fabric and just the right size to preserve your finger tips from being seared away by your iron.

Love it!!!!

Designed by the lovely, brilliant and original Lazy Girl, Joan Hawley.

Reg. 19.95 • Intro price $17.50

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